Wendy’s has a really cool new website and online campaign going on right now (hat tip to AdRants) based around their new site http://www.hotjuicyburger.com.

On the site, you can create your own character (with the signature Wendy’s pigtails). The site lets you customize your character by uploading a photo of yourself, and even letting you record your own voice saying “hot, juicy burger!” The character you create joins an army of others (currently 16,944 people). As you navigate the site, the 16,994 characters will raise their fists and shout in unison “hot, juicy burger!”


The site is attempting to establish itself as sort of a viral social network that awards points for participation. Members get “burger points” for things like getting other friends to sign up, logging in each day for a week, and every time someone votes for why they deserve free burgers. Each “character” gets to design a card saying why they deserve hot, juicy burgers.


So what is the reward for participating in this? Besides the benefit of getting to create your own little character, the burger points you accumulate can win you free burgers and Wendy’s gift certificates, and on December 15th, whoever has accumulated the most burger points will win free burgers from Wendy’s for life!


So check out http://www.hotjuicyburger.com (be sure to watch the intro, it’s a heart-pumping call to action for all burger lovers of America). Enjoy internet geeks and hot, juicy burger lovers!

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  1. scarlet

    I think this ad campaign is really cool as well!! It’s a great site to play around on, create your own character and win burger prizes. My boyfriend and I have both already won a free burger and we just signed up 4 days ago.


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