Oh. My. God. How could I have possibly missed this back in May?

“Bang! My finger gun says you’re a filet now! Trump 1, Cows 0!”

If you haven’t put two-and-two together yet, Donald Trump is pointing at a platter of steaks, because…gasp….he has HIS OWN LINE OF STEAKS. Which, according to their slogan, are, “The World’s Greatest.”


Oh that Trump. Always big on modesty. Trump’s steaks are available through Sharper Image where, on the site, he has a video message proclaiming, “When it comes to steaks, I’ve just raised the stakes.” Wow. Good one Trump. You’re quite the wordsmith. Question: Is Donald Trump even capable of talking in a normal voice? Or does he just yell loudly all the time?

Of course some bloggers covered this back in May, and others haven’t noticed until this week. Last week, Personal Branding Blog even took the time to analyze this latest business venture, and question if the Trump branding has finally gone to far.

Uhhhhhh….wait a second, “IF” the Trump branding has gone too far? Is there anything short of laxatives and athlete’s foot cream that Trump HASN’T put his name on or endorsed in some manner or another?

Coming soon to a drugstore near you: Tough-acting Trump-Nactin, the most advanced athletes foot cream on the market!

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  1. shatraw

    there is a flier for this crap in my office.

    for more trump hilarity, check out his book cover for the upcoming “Think Big and Kick Ass – In Business and In Life”

    it’s not food related, but it does look pretty priceless.


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