Well, Season 3 of Top Chef concludes tonight, and I stand-by my prediction that Casey will win. I think the allure of the first female winner will be too good for Bravo to pass up, although Hung is clearly the other contender (sorry Dale, don’t see it happening).

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In honor of the season finale, I present you with a round-up of some Top Chef news from around the blogosphere.

  • Chicagoist has an interview with Dale in which he talks about being an openly gay chef and the attempts by Bravo to paint him as the shows villain.
  • Amuse-Biatch shares the story of the restaurant owned by Hung’s family.
  • In an interview with Village Voice, Hung says, “Dale has cruised by the whole time” and “I wasn’t really challenged much by the competition at all, except for Tre and CJ, but they’re not there now. It’s my show.”
  • Top Chef crews have already begun filming for Season 4 in Chicago.
  • Amuse-Biatch shares a clip of an interview with Brian and Gail Simmons, in which Brian mentions Amuse-Biatch and criticizes them for calling him an “asshat.”
  • Dishin’ Dat shares a 2-minute clip previewing tonights season finale.
  • Gothamist continues to hate on Dale, calling him a “Scheming Gay Idiot Savant.” In their poll of who their readers think will win, 56% pick Casey and 30% pick Hung.
  • Grub Street got to ask a few questions of all three competitors, and the always humble Hung took the time to declare, “My flavor profiles, my technique, my cooking experience is way better than [Dale’s and Casey’s]. They cannot compare.”

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