On Saturday, the town of Pulpi, in southern Spain, broke the Guinness world record for biggest tossed salad, using 6,700 kilograms of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers and olives. A Guinness Book of World Records judge was on hand for the event, and confirmed it was the largest tossed salad in history.

It took 20 cooks over three hours to mix all the ingredients needed to make the salad. Afterwards, the salad was given to local restaurants who gave it out to customers for free.


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  1. Youppi

    c’mon shatraw, he posted this because he LOVES a good tossed salad. Isn’t that enough?

    eick, see you this weekend (wink*toss my salad*wink)

  2. ruca bangs

    HEY! This is a respectable blog. You dirty, dirty men.

    Or man & mascott.

    Its a shame the guiness officials weren’t around when the villiagers fed Gulliver on his crazy travels. I bet that was the biggest tossed salad in history. Or the time Blue tossed Paul Bunyun’s significant ‘salad’ on a dare.

    p.s. guiness records create waste. wasteful, wasteful, waste.


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