The Today show has been taking nominations for the best sandwich in America and this week they unveiled the Top 5 nominees. My thoughts? LAME central. Talk about predictable.


Menu Pages Philadelphia reported last week that the Vesuvio’s Cheesesteak BLT was one of the top 5 (which it is). So what are the other four sandwiches that the Today show has put up for consideration? Here are the five nominees:

1. Muffuletta – Central Grocery, New Orleans

2. Pastrami on Rye – Katz’s Delicatessen, New York City

3. Vesuvio’s Cheesesteak BLT – Vesuvio’s, Philadelphia

4. Maine Lobster Roll – Sam’s Chowder House, California

5. Frenchy’s Fantasy – Perry’s Deli, Chicago

Click over to the Today Show site to see pictures and descriptions of each of the sandwiches.

My thoughts on this sandwich contest? BOOOOOOOORING. Is this not the most predictable list you’ve ever seen? Hmmmm, pastrami on rye from NYC, a muffaletta, a cheesesteak from Philly…anyone could have put this list together while on their lunch break. The lobster roll is intriguing, but $20? And while roast beef with russian dressing is always a winner for me, I look at this list and it just feels uninspired. I know classic sandwiches are classic for a reason, but you couldn’t find one or two sandwiches for the list that have at least SOME kind of uniqueness?

Sub-par performance Today Show, sub-par.

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  1. MKO

    I’m gonna have to go ahead and throw in Zingerman’s for consideration. Though I have never eaten there personally, all of my friends who went to or visited UMich say it’s like the best sandwich shop ever. My friend Will actually ordered the sandwich from Ann Arbor to DC – the shipping and everything cost more than the sandwiches, but apparently it was worth it. Check it out here:

  2. ruca bangs

    what is going on with these comments? does ‘so good’ have a blog virus? is there such a thing?

  3. dteacha

    I’m with Shatraw and Youppi! Roma’s in Saratoga Springs makes the best sandwich…to order!


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