If you haven’t previously read about Pocket Shots, then allow me to be the one to introduce you to this novel product:


“Pocket Shot is a brand new way to enjoy your favorite hard liquor…Each Pocket Shot is sealed in a near unbreakable, flexible, squishable, pocket stuffable pouch making them perfect for active activities, outdoor adventures, and glass restricting venues.”

I mean seriously, how many times have you been in the middle of running a marathon and thought “I wish I was boozing right now”? Well now you can. Also, you gotta love the blatant use of sex to sell pocket shots:


Wait, wait, wait….does that hot woman fishing have a pocket shot in her pocket? I MUST buy pocket shots so I can impress hot women who also love fishing! Also, whoever the model was for that photo shoot…call me!

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  1. Justin

    Amen, Shatraw. The hip flask is the universal answer. Although that generic Pocket Shot brand Tequila was a lifesaver during the GRE.


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