Remember the McDLT? Yeah, me neither. Apparently in the 80’s, McDonalds had the brilliant idea to use a double-wide Styrofoam container so they could serve a burger with the hot burger and the cold lettuce and tomato in two seperate compartments.


Brilliant or moronic? You make the call. Of course as you can see from the picture, the cheese remains on the cold side, which makes no sense, since you want cheese on a burger to be melted. Also, who wants to have to deal with an annoying double-wide burger container?

But perhaps the greatest thing about the McDLT was the commercial for it. Yep, that’s Jason Alexander, a.k.a. George Costanza, dancing in the street with a relatively full head of hair. Could this commercial BE any more 80’s?

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  1. Eddie

    sob, i almost forgot about that, i only had it once, it was alright, nothing great, specialy witht he cheese being cold. but george, dang, he let himself go.


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