LAist has an awesome post up titled: Burger Wars: Is Fatburger better than In N’ Out?

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As someone who craves In N Out secret menus from the moment I set foot in California, my quick answer is no, Fatburger is not better…how could it be? But how could I know? I’m so fixated on In N’ Out that I’ve never actually tried Fatburger. LAist drives home this point: Most L.A. residents urge people visiting them to try In N’ Out, but forget about Fatburger’s long history in the area as well.

Apparently, I’m missing out big time, because as LAist writes:

“Fatburger really brings is with the add-ons: chili, fried eggs, bacon, pickles, and a lavish helping of pickle relish, which bring a tangy crispness to each bite of burger.”

Chilli AND fried eggs on my burger? Yum. As someone who opts for an egg on my cheese steak when presented the option, I fail to see the downside. The reviewer also notes that while the burgers are of equal quality, they clearly prefer Fatburger fries over In N’ Out fries.

Of course the one thing In N’ Out has going for it that can’t be topped is their secret menu. I’ve been ordering “animal style” burgers (mustard-cooked beef patty with grilled onions, extra pickles and secret sauce) since I first discovered the place, and I can’t imagine an order better suited for my taste. My knowledge of the secret menu only continues to grow. My last visit to L.A. I discovered that their fries can also be ordered animal style:



I walked away from In N’ Out burger that day with a full stomach and as the proud owner of an In N’ Out t-shirt. While I look forward to being able to try Fatburger at some point, it’s clear that no matter how good their food is, In N’ Out is the burger joint with the name recognition, the legacy and the L.A. cache.

When I step off that plane next time I’m in L.A., I’ll try to remember that I need to taste Fatburger, but the first thought in my head when that plane touches down will be: “Double-Double Animal Style.”

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  1. Pepe B. Secessionist

    Fatburger! And it ain’t close! Mainly because Fatburger has a knack for building stores right in the middle of bunches of drinking establishments (the Vegas Strip and Pacific Beach, SD locations come to mind), and if I went to In-N-Out drunk, I’d feel all guilty because of their creepy Bible-verse cups.

    Oh, and their fries are better.

  2. shatraw

    Fatburger is fine, but the lines take fucking forever and the it’s 3x more expensive than in-n-out. They both build a fresh tasty burger… fatburger is just mad fatter. basically, you spend $6 at in-n-out for a good, fresh burger and fries meal or $10 (at least) at fatburger. the extra $4 or more dollars doesn’t really account for that better of a taste or experience. because 2 hours later, you ate a fast food burger, one way or the other.


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