A pressure cooker is a unique kitchen appliance that cooks food using steam. It locks the steam inside and allows it to build, creating an intensely hot atmosphere that cooks food quickly and thoroughly.

A pressure cooker is a safe and relatively inexpensive appliance. It also creates options that you just won’t get with other appliances. However, it’s often underused, with many customers buying one, realising they don’t really know how to use it, and then letting it gather dust in a cupboard somewhere.

In this guide we hope to remedy that issue by showing you some top tips for getting the most out of your pressure cooker.

Don’t Overdo it with the Liquid

If you cook using a standard pot or pan, it will release a lot of steam and may dry out quickly. As a result, you may be used to using a lot of liquid when you cook. This isn’t the case with a pressure cooker though. Some steam is released, but a lot of it is contained—that’s how the machine works its magic.

To account for this, limit the amount of liquid that you use. You will still need to use some liquid, but don’t overdo it. Many recipes call for a single cup, but it will depend on your appliance and the food you’re cooking.

Brown it First

Your pressure cooker won’t brown your food like a traditional pan will. If you want meat that is browned around the edges, then you’re going to have to do this separately. Fortunately, it’s very quick and easy. Just brown the meat or other food in a pan and then cook in the pressure cooker.

This is a great way to get more flavour out of a good cut of meat, but it can also be used to add a charcoal taste to vegetables or to roast some spices.

A pressure cooker is often seen as a one-pot device where you just throw everything in and wait. This is true to an extent, but if you want to diversify and get the best out of it then it’s best to use other methods as well.

Don’t Submerge/Use Cold Water

Do not use a cold-water release with your pressure cooker and make sure you don’t submerge the appliance in water either. These are essential safety tips and will ensure the device lasts longer and you don’t cause any accidents.

Don’t Overfill

All pressure cookers have a maximum fill line. If you go above this line with food or liquid then you may be jeopardizing the integrity of the machine and it will not cook the food properly. Keep a close eye on these lines as you use your pressure cooker, giving the steam plenty of room.

Thicken Your Sauces

Countless home cooks have groaned with despair upon seeing that their sauces are thin and watery when they come out of the pressure cooker. This happens because there is too much water, which can be an issue even if you closely pay attention to the number 1 tip on this list.

But don’t worry as there is a way to salvage that dish. Your pressure cooker may not have done the job you wanted, but there’s nothing stopping you from finishing it off.

Simply remove the lid and keep the cooker on the heat (obviously you should not attempt to remove the lid while it is cooking or hot). It will reach temperature again and this time the steam will not be trapped, allowing all that moisture to escape and helping your sauce to thicken.

Summary: Trust in Pressure Cookers!

Now that you know how easy pressure cookers can be, it’s time to dig yours out from that cupboard or finally make the purchase you’ve been contemplating for years!

There are many affordable options out there, with the Instant Pot being one of the best reviewed and the most popular. These appliances have a long life, despite the intense pressure they are constantly under, and they can help you create all kinds of wonderful dishes.

If you’re worried about the safety of these appliances, don’t be! Accidents do happen, but the same could be said for every other appliance in the kitchen and they are much rarer than you might believe.

If you follow a few basic safety tips, you can limit the risk of accidents even further.

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