Every shopping website is littered with a host of kitchen gadgets, from dessert makers that have been on the market for decades, to fiddly cutters, slicers and more that seem to come along every month or so. But before you dismiss all of this as superfluous, take a look at this short guide because there are some amazing kitchen gadgets on the market.

These gadgets are great for all kitchens and all budgets. We’re not telling you that you should definitely buy them, but at the very least stop skimming over them and give them the attention they deserve!

Ice Cream Maker

Everyone loves ice cream. And unless you are lactose intolerance or vegan, then there’s no excuse not to treat yourself to this amazing food every now and then. When you have an ice cream maker you can enjoy very best ice cream as and when you want it, experimenting with all kinds of weird and wonderful flavors.

One of the biggest sellers in this niche is the Gaggia Ice Cream Maker, which makes a super light, whipped gelato ice cream, everyone’s favorite Italian treat. It can be expensive, at more than $300, but it’s also a durable beast with many customers reporting that they are still using the machine they bought over two decades ago!

Aerobie AeroPress

This is a cool, affordable device that will excite the coffee drinkers amongst you. It uses a basic air pressure mechanism to extract the coffee from the grounds and can make some of the best espresso you ever made in your home. And all of this for less than $40, or roughly the price of drinking a couple shots of Starbucks Espresso every day for a week.

You can’t beat value like that and you definitely can’t beat homemade coffee like this.

Slicers and Dicers

Best Kitchen Slicers

A mainstay of infomercials everywhere, kitchen slicers and dicers come in many forms and offer to do everything from chopping, dicing, slicing, splicing and spiraling. They are cheap and they do exactly what they promise to do. They are often disregarded, considered cheap and nasty, but they really are very useful and can save you lots of time in the kitchen.

If you prefer something a little more professional and upmarket, just buy a very good set of kitchen knives, there are more than enough combinations to choose from in order to find something that fits your style and kitchen aesthetic. You can never underestimate the value of a good set of knives, as a sharp, durable knife will do more than any gadget can.

Tea Makers

Tea is big business right now. Green tea, white tea, black tea, herbal tea—it’s a medicine, and because it’s so varied, it’s a medicine that can be used to cure many ailments. There are teas that will act as a pick-me-up and as a sedative, and there are also plenty of teas to make you poop!

So, now that we’re all drinking more tea (which is definitely a good thing) we need the tools to prepare it and enjoy it properly. One of the best things out there for this is a device by the name of Sage Tea Maker, which was created in combination with a British chef. And if anyone knows tea, it’s the Brits.

This machine is expensive, but it does everything for you. It boils the water to the perfect temperature, which can range depending on the tea, and then lowers the tea in, brewing for the exact time needed, before pulling it out. It’s like an automatic coffee press, but for tea. If it’s too much but you’re still keen on drinking more tea, then buy an electric kettle! They are cheap and while they can be found in every British household, they are far too rare here in the US.

Wine Decanters

Wine Decanters

This is one of those things that many casual drinkers pay little attention to. If you’re anything like us, then you have probably been skipping over decanters in every shopping catalog and every website you’ve ever read. They are uninspired and useless things, right?

Far from it. We had this mentality for a long time, and then we tried one. They really do make a huge difference. In fact, even the style and quality of the decanter can make a difference, with a very noticeable taste between one decanter and the next. It sounds crazy, but it makes perfect sense when you consider that a good wine needs to breathe and these decanters help with that process.

With them, you’re leaving it breathless inside the bottle, releasing very little of its flavor when you pour it in the glass, with it, you can experience the true depth of flavor that the wine has to offer.

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