Who doesn’t love cereal? The all American breakfast of crunchy sweet cereal flakes soaked in ice cold milk is a classic breakfast that nobody can resist. But I can bet you’ve never had cereal quite like the way Momofuku makes it. Introducing their most popular “Cereal Milk Crack Pie”, otherwise known as the representing icon of Momofuku.


What exactly is it? It’s kind of one of those things that you have to try to know, although I’m still scratching my head as to what the term “Crack Pie” refers to, but then again it’s probably best to leave some things unknown.
In my dictionary, I would label this ingenious creation as a half cereal, half ice cream dessert. Just imagine a bowl of cereal poured into a luscious ice cream sundae and topped with crunchy slightly sweet corn flakes. The result is like having an ice cream float and vanilla smoothie all throwing a party in your mouth. The combination of cereal, milk, and soft serve Crack Pie ice cream was an interesting party indeed, but delicious nonetheless. A spoonful of this creamy and milky dessert is definitely abundant in flavors, sweet mixed with a bit of tart and sour. I can honestly say it was a taste as unique and memorable as its name.  


So why does this tiny dessert shop in the center of Manhattan, New York have such a long line of hungry people every day? I seriously am not kidding about the lines, it literally felt like they were trying to see how many New Yorkers they could fit into a tiny box. However, they did a wonderfully smooth job, serving everybody with a smile despite the hustle and bustle which I truly find admirable. Despite the long lines literally winding out into the streets, one of the things I noticed was that every customer still left with a smile on their face. It has got to be the quality of that mysterious yet delicious Crack Pie recipe.


Of course, Momofuku isn’t only known for Crack Pie, they’re a dessert emporium also filled with various selections of compost cookies, birthday truffles, and cereal milk mixes.


It all started with two dessert loving entrepreneurs, Christina Tosi and David Chang. The magic of Momofuku started with Tosi’s dessert program in various restaurants, which included delish treats such as deep-fried apple pie and cereal milk panna cotta. Eventually, Tosi and Chang opened their first official location in the Big Apple, in New York City’s East Village neighborhood. Today you can find Momofuku shops scattered across five locations in New York and its sixth location in Toronto. Toni and Chang believes in using Momofuku as a playful, fun, and approachable space, providing customers with freshly made and quality desserts. Walking into the East Village location, I was invited with just that. Although tiny in perimeter, the space was immensely cozy and welcoming. One thing about Momofuku is bound to attract you; if it’s not the attractive list of desserts, then the interesting name of “Crack Pie” is bound to lure you in.


So step in and experience a playful spin on traditional home-styled desserts. I promise you’ll see your cereal in a whole new light.  


Momofuku Milk Bar

251 E. 13th St.

New York City


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