Spot Dessert Bar may be hard to find at first, but once you’ve found it, it’s pretty hard to forget. Located in St. Marks, the eclectic Japanese food village of New York City, this little dessert cave attracts crowds of visitors daily, especially crowded at night. The fact that it’s underground and super tiny, it’s no surprise that first-comers find it hard to spot.


Expect to wait in line and with its small proximity, expect to be on shoulder-to-shoulder distance with the table next to you, but that’s what makes Spot unique. It may sound strange, but the warmth and cozy feeling of enjoying sweets with a group of crowded people in a tiny underground space, is what makes the Spot experience so memorable. Perhaps the biggest reason is that their quality of desserts certainly makes up for everything else. Switching their menu on a seasonal basis, every one of Spot’s creations leave a lasting impression, which is exactly what they intended. Spot’s goal is to keep things fresh, whether it be in in their ingredients or ideas. Occasionally having new exotic sweet treats added to their menu, a trip to Spot never gets boring. Spot loves to add an eclectic and Asian flare to traditional desserts, with ingredients such as green tea, Kobacha, and Yuzu, just to name a few.  

 My latest visit brought me to a delicious green tea cheesecake and a mango tapa. The cheesecake was smooth, creamy, and topped over a crumbly crust. Wonderfully infused with the strong flavor of green tea, the cake was wonderfully paired with a scoop of berry sorbet.


The mango tapa was another pleasant favorite. Always having a craving for mangoes, this soft flaky tapa wrapped around big chunks of juicy mangoes, and paired with a scoop of mango sorbet definitely hit the spot.


Despite all these other delicious options, the highlight of the night was definitely Spot’s newest creation, titled “The Harvest”. Looking through their new fall menu, the name definitely attracted my attention, and the fact that a dessert could be titled “The Harvest” was enough to arouse my curiosity. In result, after ordering, I found myself literally face to face with a pot of plant. I know what you’re thinking, I wanted to laugh too, and that’s exactly what I did, because this dessert was just simply too amusing.


Spot was definitely not kidding about when they came up with the name, “The Harvest.” What initially ran through our minds was, “Is the pot edible?” Unfortunately, it wasn’t, but surprisingly mostly everything else was. The plant, was actually a legit mint stem, entirely safe to eat, although I wouldn’t recommend starting with that. However, what you must definitely eat is the soil, as wrong as it sounds, dirt never tasted so good. Made from cocoa, the soil is actually delicious cookie crumble that tastes like crushed Oreos.


Of course, plants need sun and have to be watered to flourish. In this case, all this plant needs is a hungry stomach and a little watering with a rose tea-flavored sauce. Watering the plant was truly another amusing experience that brought more laughs. Perhaps the most fun part about eating “The Harvest”, is that the fun never quite stops. The more you dig in, the more surprises sprout out. Dig to the very center and you’ll be greeted with a wet and moist red berry shortcake. Paired along with this truly creative dessert, is a swirl of raspberry foam and dark red raspberry sorbet.

Ian Kittichai, Spot’s ingenious pastry chef for the last two years, certainly knew how to transform ordinary into whimsical. So apparently you can have your plant and eat it too, I guarantee a truly amusing experience.



Grade: A

13 St. Marks Place


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