Like most people, when I hear Subway, I think $5 Footlong or sub sandwich; I never think pizza. Depending on where you live Subway menu prices can vary by locations. However, I saw a commercial the other day that made me think about them differently. Subway just released a set of new food items called “Flatizza,” guessing that’s supposed to be a flatbread pizza, that are available from plain cheese to veggie. You’d think that Subway, the franchise that boasts healthy sandwiches, would do the same with the pizza; negative. The Flatizza, even the veggie, is chock full of sodium, cholesterol, and fat. But does it taste good despite all that?


Types of Flatizzas Offered:

  • Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Spicy Italian
  • Veggie


Yes, I would say that if you’re going to risk your health, Flatizza are an ok way to go. I ordered a cheese and pepperoni Flatizza and they were pretty good. The flatbread was crunchy, the cheese was crisp, the sauce recipe was pretty good, and the pepperoni was mostly cooked. Overall, I’d order it again but only on a very low basis. The health information is insane for a place that typically sells “healthy” food.




Both of my Flatizzas were hot in the middle and cold on the edges. You know that weird microwave/oven they use to heat up cheese or crunchify your bacon? That’s where they stick the Flatizza. It burns the pepperoni on the edges, boils the middle, and leaves the edges ice cold. On first bite, you think it’s cold pizza and then as you get closer to the middle, it’s hot. They cut it into quarters so if you start in the middle and eat out towards the edges, it’s not as noticeable, but still pretty bad.


Let’s talk health. I know, I know, it’s junk food, but if you’re going to binge out on junk food, I think there are better options out there than the Flatizza. The Flatizza’s sodium and cholesterol levels are ridiculously high. You can eat several pieces of Papa John’s pizza, that’s regular, full-size slices, for less calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Why would you eat less and get worse health benefits? That doesn’t make me want to eat the Subway Flatizza ever again. I could basically eat half of a Papa John’s cheese pizza before I equal the Flatizza. You can check out Pizza Hut deals here and Papa John’s deals here.


Another annoying fact is that the veggie Flatizza is worse overall than the cheese. What? Isn’t the veggie version supposed to be healthier because it has, you know, vegetables? Apparently not. If you’re going to get a Flatizza, get the cheese and hope for the best in terms of health.


Health Facts:

  • Sodium (mg) Range: 810-1340
  • Cholesterol (mg) Range: 35-60
  • Total Fat (g) Range: 16-26
  • Calories Range: 390-500
  • Calories from Fat Range: 140-230


If you’re craving pizza, I’d suggest buying local pizza, Freshetta, and then if you want delivery, get a chain. I wouldn’t bother with the Flatizza unless you’re in Subway or you really want to try it. It does taste good, don’t get me wrong, but for such a small amount of food, it’s not worth it. I could be completely full on other pizza with less health hazards. It’s ok to get it maybe twice a year but otherwise, just buy a whole pizza.

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2 Responses

  1. Myself

    Flatizzas are the poorest excuse for food I ever ate. They’re not adequate to really fill you up for lunch, they’re just the worst kind of junk food. Wish Subway would bring back their personal pan pizzas, those were a million times better.

    • Wlliam Bennett

      The old subway was good they can have the flatbread I have never liked thin crust and will not go to subway again unless they go back to the old pizza.


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