My favorite food journeys always start out, “Well, I was wandering through the grocery store…” and I get to happen upon something I normally wouldn’t buy, something new, or something old I love that I thought they didn’t sell anymore. This particular instance had me stopping at the doorway of the grocery store to check out Pringles new Tortillas.

Being a 90s kid, I remember the jingle very well; “Once you pop, you can’t stop.” The commercials had people shoving about ten chips in their mouth at once and pouring them out of a can instead of a bag. Pringles were the ultimate junk food treat if you packed a lunch, especially if you got the small snack pack in the plastic tray to keep your chips from getting crushed. Once they started coming out with new flavors, it became a complex system of trades and deals to make sure you got the flavor you loved.

New Pringles Tortillas Review Cans

Pringles has come out with some insane (and many times insanely tasty) flavors like pizzalicious, ketchup, chili cheese dog, peppermint white chocolate (seasonal), sour cream and onion, buffalo wing, and screamin’ dill pickle (probably screamin’ because pickle potato chips sound gross). But their new creation is a step away from their traditional thin-cut potato-based chip.

Pringles new Tortillas (packaging also says Tortilla Crisps) in Nacho Cheese and Zesty Salsa are made from yellow corn flour and corn masa instead of potatoes and come with a laundry list of other ingredients for the powdered flavor topping.


New Pringles Tortillas Review Nacho Cheese Chips

Nacho Cheese Chips

I was surprised to see them in the store and with the Pringles name. I typically associate Pringles with all-American chips that come in traditional and a bunch of other wacky flavors. I guess tortilla chips aren’t really out of their realm; I was just caught off-guard that Pringles came up with an entirely new recipe for a totally different style of chip. It wasn’t just another powder to put on their traditional chip.

That said, I would definitely recommend these chips to anyone who enjoys nachos or chips and salsa. The Nacho Cheese flavor definitely tasted like nachos with certain hints of different cheese and I loved the corn chip. It really did taste like a little thin-sliced tortilla. I would say though, that they tasted A LOT like a traditional Dorito. The powder is VERY close to the recipe for a regular bag of Doritos, which means lots of people should enjoy them.


New Pringles Tortillas Review Nacho Cheese Chip

Single Nacho Cheese Chip

The Zesty Salsa Pringles were also delicious and certainly tasted zesty and salsa-y. Again, I would say these are VERY close to the same topping as Cool Ranch Doritos. I wouldn’t say the Zesty Salsa chips have the same bite as Cool Ranch, but it’s pretty close. The Zesty Salsa Pringles were a little heavier on the tomato, onion, and pepper flavoring than Cool Ranch, but if you love Cool Ranch chips, you’ll love these Pringles as well.


New Pringles Tortillas Review Zesty Salsa Chips

Zesty Salsa Chips

Overall, I’d say Pringles did an excellent job making two extremely accurate flavors for Nacho Cheese and Zesty Salsa. I live in Arizona and Mexican food, especially nachos, fresh-made tortillas, and homemade salsa, are all around. If you’re jonesing for a taste of these foods, these chips will hit that craving and then some.


New Pringles Tortillas Review Zesty Salsa Chip

Single Zesty Salsa Chip

Next time you see these chips in the store, pick them up and bring them home to snack on while watching a movie, tag them along when you’re going to a party, or put them in your sandwich for good crunch and flavor.

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