College is one of the most exciting experiences in a young person’s life. Living on your own for the first time, new friends, and the ever sought after freedom. However, college also has some overlooked downsides – doing your own laundry, cleaning, bad roommates, and making your own meals. Sure, you could go to the cafeteria, but do you really want to see all those people?

There are just some meals that every college student knows all too well…


Ramen Noodles: Whether in the original Ramen Noodles or the Nissin Cup Noodles every college student has had this soggy and salty meal. You can try and make it fancy or taste better by adding hotdog slices or with a side of peanut butter bread, but at the end of the day it’s still just water, fake chicken flavor, and noodles.

If you’ve been addicted to raman noodles for 13 years, it might not be such a bad thing!

Pasta: When it comes to pasta there is no in between or “just right” portion size. You either make too little, leaving you hungry, or enough to feed the 74 of your closest friends. Hopefully you have sauce or else its buttery spaghetti for you tonight… Oh, no butter? Plain dry noodles it is, then.

Plain past get pretty dry ever consider pasta and ice cream?

Frozen Pizza: Cheese, Peperoni, Supreme, any way you want it, you can get it. Not only does this serving of greasy goodness satisfy your hunger, but you’ll have leftovers that you can eat for every meal until it’s gone.

Perhaps you should try switching out the $1 personal pizza for organic frozen pizza.

Cereal: Kix, Life, Cheerios, Captain Crunch, Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, or Fruity Peebles; the options for cereal are never ending. One cereal at a time or mix them all together for the deluxe experience. And portion size is not a problem, small bowl, regular sized bowl, or the super-sized, have to eat it with a serving spoon, bowl of cereal. Hopefully you have milk.

If you’re anything like these kids cereal is for setting records not eating.

Expired Foods: Speaking of milk, it’s inevitable that eventually foods will go bad. It’s also inevitable that at some point in your college career you’ve eaten that bowl of cereal with questionable milk with the month old “best by” label. Honestly, what’s the worst that could happen?

Sour milk is bad but…these might be the worst things that have ever happened to food.

PB&J: If you got enough of these in your childhood to last a lifetime… Too bad. PB&J is an easy and cheap meal that anyone can make. No cooking required. Just pick the mold of the corner of the bread and you’re good.

Maybe there’s potential after all – 29 delicious ways to pair peanut butter and jelly.

Lackluster sandwich: Some sandwiches can’t be like the “fancy” ones you can find at delis and cafes with bread, meat, AND cheese. Plus they have all that other stuff like lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo. You’re more than familiar with cheese sandwiches, or the popular one slice of slimy turkey sandwiches. Ketchup sandwich is also a delicacy and reserved for the most desperate occasions.

Restaurants do make mistakes…no one would dare to order these concoctions.

Fast food/Delivery: If you have a few spare dollars you can spring for something from a fast food place or delivery service. This is probably as close to a home cooked meal as you’re going to get until the next break/holiday.

Just a tip…Don’t order 85 pizzas if you can’t pay.

Canned goods: Opening your cupboard and picking a can at random is a dangerous gamble. You’re hoping for soup, but end up grabbing a can of peas instead. Sure, you could put it into a bowl, but eating them straight out of the can saves you from washing another dish.

Whatever you do make sure it’s not one of these canned nightmares.

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  1. Mary (Cozy Little Book Journal)

    Great post! I’m sitting here watching Worst Cooks in America and writing a review for a book called Stuff Every College Student Should Know, so this post was the *perfect* combination (and by that I mean, the perfect way to procrastinate when I’m supposed to be writing).


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