Nestle Coffee Crisp – The Love of My Life

I love chocolate. I have loved it as long as I can remember and many of the highlights of my childhood were thanks to the fact that I had a big bar of chocolate in my little paws. Despite growing into what many would describe as an adult, this sweet tooth hasn’t left me and I still crave daily the rich, creamy taste of dark, milk and white chocolate, and of course I have my favourites.

Some of those favourites are:

Baby Ruth – A chocolate bar that I was introduced to as a kid watching The Goonies, and which I subsequently couldn’t get enough of.

3 Musketeers – A lot of pocket money was spent on 3 Musketeers bars when I was younger, and still is for that matter.

Kitkat – This delicious chocolate biscuit has been a big favourite of mine since I was very small.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – I love peanut butter; I love chocolate, and I LOVE peanut butter cups.

M&Ms – Classic milk chocolate M&Ms are some of my favourite candies, but I love the peanut variety just as much.

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate – Hershey’s milk chocolate has a unique flavour that sets it apart from a lot of other brands and makes it one of my top treats.

But above all other candy bars, the undisputed champion of my sweet-toothed affection is the Nestle Coffee Crisp.

I’ve thought long and hard about this, because I really do love chocolate and there are dozens of candy bars that I enjoy on a regular basis, but the Nestlé Coffee Crisp is the one for me. But why? Well, that’s what I intend to talk about, but first I thought maybe some background information about this chocolate bar would be useful.

About the Coffee Crisp

This chocolate bar is made in Canada and sold by the world famous Nestle brand, although this hasn’t always been the case. The Coffee Crisp was first sold by Rowntree’s, originating in the UK in the 1930s and it was known as the Rowntree’s Wafer Crisp. The name changed to Chocolate Crisp and then when it was first introduced to Canada it was called Biscrisp. In 1938 a coffee flavouring was added, giving it that unique flavour that has been tweaked over the years, to become the delicious combination of vanilla, wafer, coffee foam candy and milk chocolate that we, and certainly I, love today.

A few other versions of the Nestle Coffee Crisp have been launched over the years. They have included the Coffee Crisp Orange, the Coffee Crisp Raspberry, the Coffee Crisp Caramel and the Coffee Crisp White. There was also a maple flavoured bar for a limited period in 2005, a 70 per cent dark chocolate version in 2009 and a Coffee Crisp ice cream bar was also launched.

I’ve tried most of these variations too and I liked just about all of them, but for me it always comes back to the original – that bar that started it all, the classic Coffee Crisp.

Why the Coffee Crisp is SO Good

Ok, firstly the Nestle Coffee Crisp is SO good because it tastes AMAZING! The combination of flavours that go into this classic candy bar are just to die for. They are not overpowering, but brilliantly complimenting flavours that work so well together. Milk chocolate and wafer have always gone well together, as has been proved with dozens of candy bars, such as the Nestle Crunch and the Kitkat. But the Coffee Crisp is superior to them – in my humble opinion – because it takes that classic combo and builds on it, with the deep flavour of coffee and the light hint of vanilla. It’s a mouthful of wow and a taste that I never get bored of.

That foamy coffee flavoured candy that sits inside the Coffee Crisp takes this from being a good everyday chocolate bar to something much more. This is a more sophisticated chocolate bar, with a flavour that has been tweaked and perfected over the years, refined until the point where it found perfection. And that is why it tastes so good to me and why I am quite the Coffee Crisp addict.

The Taste of Nostalgia

Of course it is the flavour of this tasty chocolate bar that made me fall in love with it. But now that flavour also reminds me of countless good times from years gone by. It reminds me of being taken down to the store by my grandparents and being allowed to choose one piece of candy. It reminds me of family picnics out in the country with the sun shining down on us. It reminds me above all of happy times and it therefore makes me feel happy. For a candy bar to do that it must be pretty special.

Author bio:

John Summers is a writer and candy lover with a serious case of chocoholism. He blogs here on behalf of retro sweets retailer, More Sweets.

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