I have always hated energy drinks; they taste like rocket fuel. Whatever’s in them is not for human consumption and they make you feel as if your brain is on fire and cracked out. Well, at least that’s been my experience. It’s overloaded, overpriced, and overused by tons of people. But we all work a lot of hours and trying to stay awake on a boring workday could be an Olympic event in some offices.

Some people pop a 5-hour Energy or Monster or Rockstar to keep themselves awake. Some drink coffee to jolt up in the morning, but what if you hate the taste or the extreme buzz from each of these drinks? You feel just as tired as everyone else but your options are limited.


Enter Mio Energy. I’ve had a few friends recommend Mio and it’s like brands as flavorful water enhancers. They work really well to improve the bland water but can it really help you wake up out of your midday slumber?

It most certainly can! I tried Mio Energy Black Cherry flavor on a day I was feeling groggy and slow. It helped me perk up, feel motivated, and not like I was filled with chemicals. Although it does contain caffeine, taurine, and ginseng, Mio Energy doesn’t make me feel tired or make me crash. It helped pull me through a great amount of work I was dealing with and it tasted great. I’d definitely recommend the Black Cherry.


The only problem is that Mio Energy isn’t like the other Mio water enhancers. With the non-energy flavors, you can add as much or little as you want depending on what concentration you want. With Mio Energy, the serving size is ½ teaspoon, which is extremely small. So if you want extra flavor in your water, you’re taking on great amounts of caffeine, taurine, and ginseng, among other stimulants. Be wise as to how much you use of Mio Energy.

It does claim to have natural flavor with no sugar yet the packaging states, “natural flavor with other natural flavor,” which sounds suspicious. Sugar-free and carb-free is on the right path, but I think I’d want to know what amounts each stimulant is in and how the two natural flavors were far enough apart that they felt the need to explain it on the packaging.


Overall, Mio Energy is a far better choice than your typical energy or wake-up drinks. It tastes great, even tastes sugary like juice, even though it doesn’t have any sugar or carbs. It wakes you up yet doesn’t give you a huge crash later. And it’s fairly affordable with a $4 price tag; coupons are available online as well for more than $1 savings.

Pick up Mio Energy for the boost without the bust and the taste without the sugar, calories, or rocket fuel scent.

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