It’s Monday, and you’re back at work (or school). And it sucks. But you know what? Any time I find myself in a bad situation, I just think to myself, “Well, at least pizza exists.” So here to remind you that pizza exists is this week’s Eating Styles poll: What’s your favorite type of pizza crust?


Assuming that the crust in question is appropriately charred, chewy, airy and moist, what is your favorite type of pizza crust? Do you prefer the familiar heft of thick-crust delivery or the less calorie-dense thin crust? Buttery, chewy pan style? Deep dish? Stuffed? Vote for your favorite pizza crust below and explain in the comments.

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3 Responses

  1. TJ

    They are all great, it depends on my mood and the place… although I’m struggling to remember what Neapolitan crust is, though it sounds familiar. Guess it’s time to hit google.

  2. Ted

    This is a total no-brainer. Super thin crispy crust is the only way to go. Real Italian (or European style in general) pizza is second to none. You should be able to hold the crust up to a light and almost see through it. The edges should be bubbly and slightly charred.

    Of course all flour needs to be true OO. 😉


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