Welcome to Monday, home of soul-crushing drone work and Eating Styles polls! This week we’re focusing on the holy trinity of crunchy, salty snacking: Doritos, Fritos and Cheetos…otherwise known as the ‘tos.


Frito Lay has poured buckets of time and money into researching exactly what ratios of salt, sugar and fat make a chip palatable, and it has paid off. Or at least that’s what the empty bag of Taco Doritos wedged between my bed and the wall tells me. The ‘tos are irresistible.

The only question is, which one do you go for? Putting aside the different variations of each, do you prefer Fritos’ simple salted corn chips,  the powdered flavor rush of Doritos or Cheetos – the tasty oddball that turns your fingers orange? Vote for your favorite ‘tos below and explain in the comments.

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2 Responses

  1. TJ

    There’s nothing wrong with regular Fritos, they’re just a bit plain for me. The Chili cheese version is great. With these 3, I’ll give the slight edge to Cheetos, I prefer the texture. Doritos are good too though.

  2. Von Berry

    I agree that chili cheese fritos are great. But doritos are a bit better in this lineup. But will eat cheetos in a pinch.


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