It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another Eating Styles poll. This week’s topic: diet soda.


Diet soda tends to have a polarizing effect – people either love it for having zero calories/dieting benefits or hate it for all the synthetic ingredients. Others refuse to drink it because it’s “just not the same” as soda with real sugar. What about you, So Good readers? Do you drink diet soda like water or do you treat it like tasteless, carbonated cancer? Vote below and explain your answer in the comments.


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  1. M86

    I used to drink regular pop all the time… Up until my junior year in high school when I developed a stomach ulcer. Since then, I can’t drink regular pop without getting really bad stomach/heartburn.

  2. TJ

    I’m not buying the argument that aspartame and sucralose in moderation isn’t healthy or somehow causes you to gain weight.. and yes I’ve read much of the literature of the studies and even watched a documentary that went on and on about aspartame being so awful for you. I drink Pepsi Max pretty much all day and I grew up drinking Diet Mountain Dew all the time.. my parents and sister have been drinking diet soda for decades.. And we’re all in perfectly good help. And no I don’t work for Monsanto or any food company lol.. okay sorry for ranting I just find the discussion to be interesting 🙂


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