Welcome to Monday, home of Eating Styles polls here on So Good. We’re getting towards the end of July and if you’re a middle class suburbanite, chances are by now you have either gone camping or have plans to go camping. Or maybe you’re camping at this very moment, in which case you should get off your iPhone and go hang out with some trees or something. But first, answer us a question: what’s your favorite camping food?


We’re not talking chips, s’mores or corn on the cob here. What do you like for your main meal? Now I know camping meals tend to be driven by family tradition or Pinterest and can be highly specific. I included some generally popular camping foods below but encourage you to choose “Other” and let us know about your favorite camping meal!

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  1. TJ

    Pretty easy to go with “other” and come up with all sorts of good stuff, but can you really go wrong with hotdogs?! I had to pick that, it’s just too classic


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