Welcome to Monday, home of Eating Styles polls. This week’s question has to do with trigger foods. In the dieting world, a “trigger food” is known as a food that you can’t stop eating, i.e. a food that “triggers” you to eat A LOT. What’s your trigger food?


For some people, it’s something crunchy and salty, like potato chips (pretzels are mine). For others, it’s something decadent, like ice cream or cheese. What about you? Vote for your trigger food below and explain in the comments. If you don’t see your trigger food listed, tell us what it is!

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  1. Lori

    I am trying to eat a Paleo diet. I am putting corn in the vegetable catagory so I can still eat my trigger food….Popcorn!!!!

  2. TJ

    The closest thing for me would be pizza, I’m definitely on the salty end of this spectrum 🙂


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