It’s 11:30 AM. The fluorescent light is buzzing. You have a few lines of text on the computer screen in front of you, but you can barely see it because you’re so distracted. It’s almost….LUNCHTIME!!!


Normally a slightly soggy cardboard box of frozen vegetable bits wouldn’t excite you, but in an environment as tedious as an office, it becomes a vibrant escape, a colorful moment of respite from concentration. But when you take a step back from the office space lens and look at what we actually eat for lunch at work, it’s usually pretty sad. Lean Cuisines, Healthy Ones, sandwiches packed from home, a bagel from the public tray in the office kitchen, a stash of candy bars in a desk drawer…what do you usually eat for lunch at work? Don’t be embarrassed. We’re all in the same boat. Vote for your sad work lunch of choice below and explain in the comments.

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My name is Sam and all I care about is food.

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  1. Cayla

    First of all, I love this blog.

    I almost always make and bring my own lunch. Most of the time, it’s the terrifically uninspired but still tasty Turkey and Cheddar. If not for the offensive odor, my daily sandwich would be the wonderfully protein-and-fat laden Tuna Salad Sandwich, colloquially known by co-workers as UGH, What Is that SMELL?

    When I attempt to keep calories in check, I bring yogurt and fresh fruit, or a small green salad.

    Ideally, I’d have freshly-prepared sushi for lunch every day.


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