The other day I met a Fast Food worker who had somehow managed to retain a soul.  As I placed my order for Pizza Hut’s new “Creamy Butter Chicken” pizza, the employee gave me a look, as if  he was attempting to talk a Jumper down off a ledge using only his mind.  It’s not the first time I’ve experienced this rare phenomenon. It’s once occurred upon trying to purchase a McRib. I sure hope this form of silent intervention happens each time someone tries ordering the egg salad from Subway.

So I heeded the raised eyebrow and barely detectable head shake and asked for a recommendation, as I was Hell bent on trying one of the five new pies Pizza Hut introduced in the Canadian market. That being the aforementioned Butter Chicken, Asian BBQ, Grilled Chicken Club, Smokey Maple Bacon and this beauty:


So, I sat there patiently, as my Poutine Pizza was hand crafted, nervously anticipating the combining of two of my favorite go to guilty pleasures. We’ve all seen David Cronenberg’s “The Fly”.  I feared this snack splicing would result in something as equally grotesque.

The smell permeating my car on the trip back to work was a familiar one. This “Deja Poutine” instilled instant hope the mad food scientists at the Hut had nailed this audacious attempt at spinning off a beloved Canadian dietary staple.


Well, aesthetically speaking, this pie might hope to win Miss Congeniality at best.

First off, nice amount of cheese curds on the pizza. Most had melted into a gooey, stringy, chewriffic mess, while a few managed to keep their original shape, assuring me that this was indeed the real deal. To me, they were the true stars of this freak show.


Admittedly the addition of  “Beef” did add an extra tasty dimension to the pie, albeit superfluous in its inclusion. Considering everything but the kitchen sink is being thrown into poutine these days (Pulled pork, taco beef, BBQ chicken), this extra topping can’t be faulted, and it certainly doesn’t deter from the overall experience.


The only truly negative thing that can be said about this pizza is the paltry scattering of French fries adorning it. At best, there’s no more than twenty cents of deep fried carbs on the pie. Shameful, considering the price for a medium is $15. The last time I checked, even if cooked to golden perfection, fries aren’t being traded on the Stock Market as a precious metal.


The gravy used as the sauce base works beautifully.  Deep and rich enough to perfectly echo any passable poutine I’ve encountered. The “Catch 22” being, while more gravy could improve the pie, it would inevitably damn it to inedible, soggy crust.


How can they improve on this Pizza?

  1. More fries. You don’t have to make it a mountain, but perhaps a pile? An average of 2 per slice is anemic.
  2. Side order of gravy for drizzling and/or dipping. You provided an accompanying sauce for the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust pizza, so why not this?
  3. Less or no beef.  Sure, it’s there for an added savory element and alternate texture, however, this pizza can do without the sidekick.

Overall, the new Pizza Hut “Poutine Pizza” came out a winner with the test group, with 3 out of 5 participants noting they would buy it again. Well played Hut, you delivered a tasty pie and handily avoided nudging poutine closer to a water ski ramp and an awaiting shark.

Overall, this pizza is a delicious hot mess with excellent flavor profiles and some smartly executed restraint. Well, except the fries.

4 out of 5

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6 Responses

  1. Jess Doiron

    I experienced the phenomenon that is the poutine pizza in Moncton a few years back at a local pizza place called Cut Throat Pizza, they recently closed their doors but I swear, the combination of poutine and pizza was one of the best greasy combos I’ve ever had! They had more fries on theirs but the Hut’s looks pretty good! (And a little classier than the drunken late night pizza I experienced) Thanks for the review! Radical.

  2. Sylvia

    I couldn’t disagree more! I LOVED the poutine pizza pretty much the way it was. The amount of fries was more then enough and the beef was somewhat of a highlight. I wouldn’t mind trying the side of gravy for the crust though.

    To each their own. The one thing Pizza Hut does horribly is customer service. If you want extra fries or whatever other changes done to the pizza? Nope, not possible. Even if you ask to be charged extra, they have no idea how to make a change to the toppings.


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