It’s Monday and we have another Eating Styles poll for you. I’ve got Chipotle on the brain, and I can’t decide if it’s Chipotle I’m addicted to or just their guacamole. Because it really is the best. I’ve only tasted one better guacamole, and that came from Alton Brown’s recipe I got off the Food Network. Really, really good. Just stellar stuff.


When you go to Chipotle, the guac  is the centerpiece…IF you’re a guacamole fan. Are you? That’s the question this week. Do you like the guacamole at Chipotle (or anywhere)? Vote below and explain your love (or squeamishness) in the comments. Let’s find out which of you have souls.

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  1. TJ

    I like guacamole but it’s got to be cold… it’s one of the few ingredients I won’t trust at all after it’s been out for a little while.


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