It’s Monday, meaning it’s time for another Eating Styles poll! I distinctly (or indistinctly, I guess) remember the best meal of my life: a bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal with vanilla soy milk at Pop’s Club, the student cafeteria at UW-Madison. The Whataburger menu might stand no chance against us primal eaters. Before you knock this banal choice, take note this meal happened at 1:30 a.m. and was preceded by a good three hours of copious drinking. I was new to drunk food and at the time, it was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted.


Of all forms of eating, the college drunk meal is perhaps the most primal. Most of the time, we try to control our eating. But drinking releases that inhibition within us, allowing us to gorge down what we really want. I know it’s hard to get in a drinking mindset on a Monday, but what was your favorite drunk food in college? Or (hey, I don’t judge) what’s your favorite drunk food now? I included some standard options below, but feel free to choose “Other” and explain your favorite drunk food in the comments.


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  1. Hannah

    cheese fries or disco fries.

    I bet poutine would be amazing too but I don’t live in Canada 🙁

  2. Adam

    Not available everywhere, mostly wher I am in Texas. Whataburger. Open 24hrs and just about the best thing to eat after 2 a.m.

    IHOP is a close second.

  3. Mark

    Drunk food is all about breakfast, eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns. All the grease, salt fat and carbs you need to fill up and go to sleep. Unless I’m back home in Rochester, NY, then it’s garbage plate time.

  4. Ac

    Cluckeebees. Great late night cluck u treat of fried polls hurt biscuit dough. Nothing finer at 2 am

  5. TJ

    I voted pizza but pretty much anything greasy is great. Tacos are good too.. in the fast food world I used to get Jack in the Box tacos and Taco Bell chalupas pretty often.

  6. Chad Dierkes

    White Castle is first for me followed closely by any sort of local diner, or Denny’s/Waffle House.

  7. wyatt

    Cookie dough , or a whataburger triple with four extra patties and bacon jalepenos and cheese and fries and a strawberry shake …


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