Yet again, I need to blame Andy for a potentially terrible food-tasting experience. Once a probable monstrosity like this is brought to my attention, I have to try it. I think it’s a sickness. Oh well, at least it’s not bugs.


I guess I can save you all some money and time from trying this one out. 


Before I get started, I want to comment on the size of the can and the cost of these little beauties. They are only 8-oz. cans and a standard 12-pack costs as much as, or more than, a 12-pack of Bud Light Lime. Yes they are 8% alcohol, but in my opinion they had better be damn tasty to warrant that price point.


I popped one open and the smell was an immediate turn-off. It was clearly an artificial strawberry scent, which did not bode well for its flavor. I took a sip from the can and found my sense of foreboding to be dead-on. Gross. The best comparison I can come up with is somebody dumping a tube of strawberry lip gloss into a beer. For the record, I don’t care for Bud Light Lime much to begin with, but it is at least refreshing on a hot day. This horrid concentration of faux strawberry kills off even that slight bit of redemption.

I poured it into a glass with ice as recommended on the can. I wasn’t sure how extra ice would make it better, but I figured I would try


It did not help one little bit.  The flavor was still a terrible combination of artificial strawberry with a hint of lime and some bubbles. The color was such an obviously artificial red, I think seeing it actually hurt the presentation instead of helping.

This stuff gets an overwhelming “you don’t have to.” It completely fails as both a beer and as a strawberry margarita.

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Strawberita - Bud Light Strawberrita
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  1. alphageek

    Thanks for warning me off on this one. Well, thanks for trying it too, so I don’t have to.

    This product just proves there is nothing companies won’t try to market. Maybe someone can buy this on ebay in 20 years and tell us it is awful again.

    • Jacqui

      Worst hangover of my life!!! While recently at my first professional football game decided I would try this nastiness. The can however was much larger than 8oz, more along the lines of 24oz. Upon finishing the Kool Aide tasting alcohol concoction, immediate heart burn (I don’t get heart burn) followed by the sickness and an intense migraine status headache.. NEVER AGAIN

  2. PTBeezer

    If you happened to try 2 or 3 of them in one sitting you would have hated them even more. Worst headache ever! Like slamming a bottle of champagne! Bad idea.


    Let me say this first: I’m a girl. I’m a young girl. I don’t love whiskey and I generally don’t like beer (red stripe and a few Mexican and German imports are good, though.) I’m not a fan of the taste of alcohol, as my body recognizes it as a poison (yes, it is a poison) and immediately will try to reject it. I like sugar and things that are sugary. I personally loved this drink, but it was very very cold, and I didn’t drink large amounts. I love champagne and coconut rum. If you like sweet things, especially sweet energy drinks, you’ll like this. If you like “real beer” and don’t like ‘sissy drinks’ I don’t know why you even thought to try it. To me it tasted like a really sweet energy drink; something like the new red bull(not sure which one?). I don’t like energy drinks usually, but when this says 8% alcohol and it tastes that sweet, then yes, yes I do like it.

    • Mark

      Totally agree with your point of view. My biggest issue was the clearly fake strawberry flavor and the, to me, cloying level of sweet. I like some sweet drinks, especially very cold. This one was just sweet and fake, as opposed to something like a hard lemonade which is sweet but not overly so.

  4. Felisha

    It’s all about opinion, I bought one 8 oz to try (they do come bigger) and I loved it.

  5. Sam

    Over the weekend, my friends got me to take a shot of Captain chased by this stuff and long story short I don’t have taste buds anymore.

  6. Melissa

    I loved it. Now the thing with this particular drink is that you HAVE to drink it cold. If you drink it when it’s not straight out of a freezer, the artificial strawberry flavor will clash with the semi beer/alcohol flavor. When it’s warm it’s horrible. Too..acidic? Now on a hot day by the beach or at a barbecue while it’s freezing cold, then YES!!! Great choice!

    • pam

      It was ok, I don’t usually drink unless its socially and its usually red wine, a pina colada, Margherita or strawberry daquiri. I had one of these last night. It was really cold which helped. However , I do taste beer & some fake strawberry flavor. They need to go back to the lab and use real strawberries for a mor authentic taste! I may try it again who knows!

  7. Tammie

    I loved it too. I tried the strawberry and the lime and I liked the strawberry best!

  8. Nate

    I thought this was pretty damn good! Maybe you die hard beer alchies don’t like it but for a hot day when you want a good sweet drink or two it’s definitely good!!

  9. Joshua

    Glad I never saw your site before. I don’t see how you think you’re qualified to tell anyone what to drink! Ha ha. I did find it a bit strong, found it better mixed with a cola. But I wouldn’t call it gross but then I don’t go to mixed alcoholic drinks from corporations to find authentic fruit flavors.

  10. Kim

    Nobody is telling anyone what to eat or drink, just what they thought. Geesh.

  11. Melissa

    I liked these at first, but I get the worst headaches ever when I drink them, even just two. Never again.

  12. Yaya

    I enjoyed it very much & I added a little twist to it. I actually blend it with some frozen strawberries & made a frozen strawberita. Poured in to a nice cold glass with fruit seasoning (aka chile tajin) around the rim & it was perfect on a horrible hot day. Will I ever do this again? Probably not any time soon. I just enjoyed it.

  13. Margarita

    The fuck? Ya dumb as fuvk! Shits good! If you ain’t a drinker it’s gonna take you out fast, feel buzzed! Dumb bitches, make it yourself next time! Stop bitching!

  14. April

    I enjoy them very much! If I’m not drinking these then I drink vodka/cranberry. I don’t like beer or the lime ones. I think they are very good and very effective! I drank about 72oz of it Saturday night and thought for sure I would have a killer hangover but wasn’t bad at all! YES! ๐Ÿ™‚ You either hate them or you love them. No in between with these.

  15. Julia

    First off you used the word “artificial” alittle to much.. Your not one of those organic/all natural freaks are you? Pretty much everything has alittle bit of chemicals in it and artificial.. I mean i’ve never seen alcoholic drinks that are healthy if that’s what your trying to get at…? My bf likes beer and he loved this drink and so did I! We just drink it out of the can.. But if you don’t like it cause it has a strong artificial smell to it then ok? And why is you’re blog name “I try it so you don’t have to”? So because you don’t like it nobody else will? Not everyone likes the samething… You should rename this blog just saying.. You should name it “I tried it and here’s my “Thought” on it” You miss spelled “TRY” by the way.. When you put try in something like that it’s spelled “tried” as in I “tried” it not try as in i’m going to “try” my best lol go back to school! And quit telling people they should like what you like! Never going on this blog again!

    • Eve

      *you’re* not one of those organic/all-natural freaks.

      Thank you for the grammar lesson, though. You obviously have it nailed down.

    • Eve

      Also, “alittle” is not a word, and possibly, the word “artificial” was used a little *TOO* much.
      It hurts me. It really does. Basic grammar is NOT THAT DIFFICULT.

    • Eve

      Btw, the drinks are kinda tasty but definitely a “sometimes” purchase. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Babymama11

    Strawberitas are the shit!!! you cannot go off of another persons taste buds and they get you very pleasantly shitty. I don’t drink much at all and I don’t like beer but I can drink a strawberita like its nothing. You need to try it for yourself before you knock it. Seriously

  17. Kerry

    I tried this with a group of people doing wine and beer tastings at a local wine shop. There were 8 of us. The consensus opinion was: “Where can we but this? It’s great.” Just reporting the facts; nothing but the facts.

  18. Phil

    It took a while to like these only because I don’t like beer but honestly the more you drink them they don’t taste too bad. They definitely taste better with ice. I prefer the new 25oz cans.

  19. khaci

    Im from France and im on vacation in NYC. I bought this yesterday night and that was drinkable. It s just that it doesnt taste strawberry for me and yes it tastes a bit like flavour from lipstick. But its nice in summer when you don t drink strong alcohol and you like sugary things. I was definitly made for women or people who dont really enjoy whisky or else. I had this because i didnt know where to find white wine so that was a nice alternative.

  20. Patty

    I absolutely live Strawberitas, in a weird love/hate way. They get me crunked, are sweet as sugar and taste so yummy!

  21. lissette

    thanks, i did tried it, i feel the same way its gross, i tried the margarita from chili too and i did not like it either, i tasted fake. dont buy the strawbeerita, i have must of the 12 pack at home and i will give it away

  22. anon

    I didn’t like them to start but we had an entire case so I kept drinking them and now I enjoy them.

    I can see why others don’t like them, though. As I said, I was on the fence to start but now I find them pretty satisfying.

  23. OCCD

    I didn’t buy any. Some was given to me. I found that two shots of rum added makes the drink a whole lot better.

  24. JB

    Incomparable to a beer. Light beer or otherwise. The Strawberita is it’s own beast. At first it was all a joke between my friends and I, then we fell for it, we fell hard. A rack Rita’s is now a staple amongst our circle and even used as a currency. It’s a total gimmick, it’s cheesy and everything explained in your alanysis. It’s also fun, refreshing and down right delicious. I highly recommend mixing the Strawberita with the Mango, Stragorita’s y’all. Grocery Outlet always has them on sale.

  25. Rob

    I actually had to pay $8 for ONE 8 or 12 oz can at a show, It was cold but nowhere near frozen, and it was pretty gross. The nastiness was blunted by the fact that I had already had one decent beer. I can see how it might be better if very cold. If you are turned off by things that are obviously artificial, and this goes beyond food, you will probably agree with me that this is a nasty drink, to be avoided. If you don’t care much about what you consume mentally or physically, and are purely interested in having a good time though, you will probably enjoy this beverage.


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