Voting on this match-up is closed. Surge (91%) crushes Ecto Cooler (9%) to advance to the finals.

Surge was released nationally  in 1997, sales slid, and discontinued in 2002 & 2003. They have been murdering the competition so far, with vote totals over 90% in every match-up including against Sprite Remix (93%-7%), Crystal Pepsi (92%-8%), and Mr. Pibb (91%-9%).

Ecto Cooler has had a more tumultuous path to the Final Four, barely edging Squeezits 53%-47% in the first round, crushing Zima 83%-17%, and taking out Fruitopia 57%-43%. Can it knock off prohibitive favorite, Surge?

Surge vs. EC

(Updated bracket, click to enlarge)

DF Bracket Final Four

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  1. joshua thompson

    Surge soda HURRY UP WIN ( lets show coca cola that we demand to have surge soda back in stores in the USA and NEVER EVER EVER EVER BE DISCONTINUED EVER AGAIN) ( hey coca cola YOU HAD No RIGHT to discontinued our pop if anybody thinks that surge soda is not that good (THINK AGAIN) (including coca cola headquarters employees and to those who drive the big red semi.


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