Voting on this match-up is now closed. Planter’s Cheez Balls (57%) defeat French Toast Crunch (43%) to advance to the Final Four.

The Elite Eight of the Discontinued Foods Bracket begins! Voting for Elite Eight match-ups kick off today and Friday, with the Final Four being announced on Monday morning. Get to voting and spreading the word!

French Toast Crunch was launched by General Mills in 1995. The cereal pieces originally looked like slices of French Toast, but were later changed to be similar in style to Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It was discontinued in the U.S. in 2006.

Planter’s Cheez Balls, just like their cereal competitors, were also dicontinued in 2006, much to the disappointment of their legions of loyal fans.

FTC vs PCBalls

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  1. Gopher

    French Toast Crunch, unlike many of these others, isn’t technically discontinued. It’s still found in Canada. I won’t make the Surge argument that Surge was originally made in Norway under the name “Urge”, because they taste noticeably different (I’ve had both). But the French Toast Crunch in Canada is pretty much identical in taste.

    • Eick

      Hey Gopher – as we noted/explained in the introductory post about the tournament, this is based only on the U.S. and what brands here are either discontinued or “zombie brands” that technically still exist but no one can find anywhere. A number of these products still exist in Canada or elsewhere around the world.


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