Voting on this match-up is now closed. Mr. Pibb (59%) defeats Jolt Cola (41%).

Created in 1972, Mr. Pibb was seen as way for Coca-Cola to cut into the market share of the incredibly popular Dr. Pepper. In 2001, Pibb Xtra, was introduced, which used a different flavor formula than Mr. Pibb, which was then phased out fairly quickly.

Jolt Cola peaked in popularity in the ’90s as one of the first high caffeine sodas. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2009. The brand still lives on after being relaunched as “Jolt Energy” and you can even find Jolt Cola bottles lurking around Amazon.

Pibb vs Jolt

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Bracket sweet sixteen

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    • Eick

      Eddie – Pibb Xtra is alive and well across the entire country. The point is, when Pibb Xtra was released, they eliminated Mr. Pibb.


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