Voting on this match-up is now closed. Surge (92%) pulverizes Crystal Pepsi (8%).

Crystal Pepsi was released in 1992 after performing very well in test markets. With millions of dollars in advertising behind it, it was distributed as samples with the Sunday paper, and accompanied by Van Halen songs in Super Bowl spots. Initial sales were good, but plummeted quickly, and the soda never made it past 1993 before Pepsi pulled the plug.

Surge was Coca-Cola’s answer to Pepsi’s Mountain Dew. Despite a massive marketing campaign and high initial sales upon release in 1996, sales slid, and the soda was gone from cans & bottles by 2002 and fountains by 2003.

cp vs surge

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Bracket sweet sixteen

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  1. Mike

    I wish to declare an ineligible item. Jolt cola is still made to this day. I get it all the time at my corner store.

  2. Eick

    @Mike – as explained in our initial post about the bracket, some of these products are still manufactured in extremely limited quantities but are essentially “zombie brands” struggling to stay a float and no longer even close to being nationally available brands. You must live on the west coast near a bottler, because 99.99% of the country can’t get Jolt Cola.

    See their mention in this Business Insider article from last year called “12 soda brands that failed.”

  3. Eick

    Sean – it may have been released nationally at that time, but companies always release products in test markets. It was first produced in 1996.


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