Voting on this match-up is closed. Snapple Elements (76%) crush Full Throttle (24%).

Snapple Elements were released in 1999 to seemingly great success. The SVP for Snapple was quoted in 2000 as saying, “The success of the Elements line has topped even our highest projections, with sales for the first twelve months expected to exceed five million cases, it is the most successful new product launch in the history of premium beverages.” What started with four flavors was expanded to six in 2000, but by the middle of the decade the line had been discontinued completely.

Full Throttle is one of several brands/products featured in this bracket that technically still exist but is a shell of its former self. Their website features three different flavors on the home page but that’s the entire website – just a homepage with a single image. Wikipedia reports that 4 of 5 flavors have been discontinued, and there are widespread reports that in Canada, Citrus is the only flavor still available.

Elements vs. FT


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Discontinued Foods Bracket

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