No, not like cheese you eat. I’m talking about walls covered in faux memorabilia, two-bit jingles and dark green vests covered in flair. If you’ve ever looked up from your creamy spinach dip at Applebee’s and wondered why there was a beat-up french horn hanging from the door jam, you have been a victim of restaurant cheese.

Well now, T.G.I. Friday’s, an age-old perpetrator of restaurant cheese, has decided to abandon its hokey image in favor of a more modern one, progressively rolling out a series of new restaurant changes with a cleaner, more sophisticated look. “We’re getting rid of the cheese,” boasts their new campaign, suggesting the loud decor on their walls is something to be shed. Does restaurant cheese matter to you? Do you care if there are pictures of Marilyn Monroe and toy firetrucks on the walls? Vote below and explain your answers in the comments.

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  1. Cameron

    At least Applebee’s decor is/was often locally-themed—jerseys from local schools and teams, road signs of nearby streets, old photos of buildings from the town, etc.

  2. Not-so-famous Dave

    I like the cheese..lookin around at stuff on the walls beats peeling off bottle labels any day. Was recently in a big local restaurant in Nevada that had a bone fide collection on drawn firecarts, a fullsize stuffed horse, a shark, a helicopter etc..lotsa cool for real stuff he had bought over a lifetime. On the other hand, I know of a guy in Kansas that makes a parttime living out of buying new reproduction advertising signs, then aging them rapidly with saltwater, heating, freezing, denting them etc then selling them to restaurants.

  3. Austinian

    I think cheese is a good idea only in one-off restaurants that aren’t part of a chain. e.g. Meadow Muffins in colorado springs.


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