The mad scientists at Lays have released three new flavors to tantalize and perhaps in many cases, terrorize your tastebuds this week.

There’s no denying, North American junk foodaholics get worked up into a salivating, frenzied mob when a new potato chip variety hits the retail racks. Heck, I stalked my local grocery store stock boy for weeks, waiting on Guacamole Doritos to materialize on the shelf.

Some companies respond to regional tastes, other just for shits and giggles, knowing full well the internet will will do all the marketing for them, if their flavor hits that social media “WTF is this freak show in a bag?” sweet spot.

Not even quadruple dipping could save you from any of the following bags of horror.


Clog you bag pipes with the seductively salty taste of boiled organs.


Baa, Ram, ewwwww.


Your stomach will experience the King Crab Curry Ripple Effect.


Blood Pudding Cheezies are the next logical step.


I can’t wait for Bloody Mary Twinkies!


Proving there is a suckers lover born every minute.


Congratulations for making that bag of Clamato tortilla chips look good.


Edible paper cut into leaf shapes with a peppermint finish. Even Jenny Craig is waving a white flag.


Miracle Whip should get on this bandwagon.


Walker’s limited run on Cajun Squirrel was a big hit in the UK.  Color PETA unamused.


Dim Sum nasty flavors out there: Like hot and sour Soup flavored Lays.


Part potato chip, part jerky. This exists. God Bless America.


Blame Canada: Because opening up a bag of chips should always clear a room.


Now there’s something worse than gas station sushi.


Yes, fruit flavored chips. Mayans for the WIN!

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  1. Popo

    At No Frills in Canada they usually have a small section for foreign things like chips and such. It’s where I discovered a wonderful pop called Brio, which is worth a try.

    The thing however that is related to this is Shrimp Crackers, They’re these puffed chip sort of things (like those Veggie sticks) and they are actually quite good. Slightly salty with a slight taste of shrimp.

    My point is that those Crab and Lobster falvoured chips may not actually be half bad.

    I also REALLY want to try Haggis, but I think I’ll skip the chips.


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