It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another Eating Styles poll. This week we’re tackling a question that’s not only food and drink related, but has environmental and ethical connotations as well. This week we want to know, do you drink bottled water?


Some people view bottled water as simply a convenient way to get access to water, especially on vacation. Some people think it’s too expensive or tastes weird. Still others see bottled water as a huge waste of resources and damaging to the environment. What’s your stance? Vote for the option you agree with below and explain in the comments.

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7 Responses

  1. Mark

    I voted yes but it is not A regular thing. I am a tap water first guy. If the tap water is terrible our I’m on the road without access to tap water I drink bottled water without much of a thought. I do have preferred brands and can taste the difference I’m many spring waters.

  2. Smokin'

    The plastic litters our roadsides, the water tastes weird on some brands, and it seems a frivolous waste of money. Drink tap water and donate that extra money to the poor.

  3. Thom

    Yes, but not often. It’s always good to have factory sealed bottles around because when you need it, the ones you make up from home will have gotten funky.

  4. Teddy Izzo

    I am on similar lines to Mark. For me, it depends on the brand. It’s not that I prefer a brand. It’s where it’s coming from. It’s a convenience thing but I don’t want to give them reason to use more plastic to make bottles. If I can do my part in not using that resource, I will. I do appreciate the bottles that are using less plastic but it’s still plastic that doesn’t need to be used.


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