Check out the Denny’s secret menu:

On Tuesday February 5th, IHOP will be doling out millions of free stacks in exchange for donations  during their annual National Pancake Day drive.  “The House That Carbs Built”  has been raising funds for local charities over the last eight years and is hoping to meet a $3 million target in 2013.  That’s a lot of syrup.  I hear Aunt Jemima has been training hard. “Rocky” montage hard.

Whether you call them flapjacks, griddle cakes or johnny cakes, this go to breakfast item can often border on dessert, depending on your toppings.  Some like to adorn a short stack with fresh fruit in hopes of choking out the guilt currently tsk, tsk’ing in your head.  Others will use whole grains, granola or bypass the syrup in order to make themselves feel better about devouring a plate.

I’m not here to talk about those damn Hippies.

Here’s a gallery of epic pancake porn for your consideration.


If Rainbow Brite bought a Denny’s franchise.


Will you eat them in a boat? Will you eat them in a moat? Dr. Suess inspired stack.


Snap, Crackle, DAMNNNNN!


South Park stack: Cartman’s Powdered Donut Surprise in real life.


Gobble Gobble: Leftover pumpkin pie pancakes.


Homer Sweet Home: Confetti doughnut shaped pancakes. Mmm.. doughnuts.


Graham cracker crusted chocolate chip flapjacks with vanilla syrup topped with bananas and marshmallows.


Fruity Pebble Blast.


The Kitchen Sink.


Milk Mate: Oreo pancakes with whipped cream centers.

Back Camera

Glazed and Confused: The Cinnamon Roll stack.


Frosted Lucky Charms pancakes. They’re magically diabetic.


The Elvis Ender: Peanut Butter and banana chocolate chip stack.


Mount Reeses

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2 Responses

  1. Marisa

    I love me some pancakes and would never think that anything could turn me off pancakes, but these….yeah, this did it.

  2. chuck

    I think I’d have to go Mount Reeses but only for the toppings… ahh the graham cracker crusted ones looks so good too! Most of the others are just unappetizing


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