Marble, water color, oil, clay, Froot Loops. Wait, what?

Yes kids, art is now in both the eyes and stomach of the beholder, as obsessed fans have begun fashioning intricate, edible works featuring their favorite pop culture  crushes out of snack cakes, jelly beans, butter and much, much more.

I’m getting to work on my cheese puff Honey Boo Boo shortly.


Subject: Steve Jobs
Medium: Cheese, breadcrumbs, Lenscrafters.
Critic Quote: Now, we need no longer ask the question, “Is there an appetizer for that?”

Subject: Twilight’s Robert Pattison
Medium: Milk chocolate, broody angst.
Critic Quote: Needs more sprinkles.

Subject: Kevin Bacon
Medium: Dur.
Critic Quote: Conan O’Brien just called, he wants his bacon bust back.

Subject: Justin Bieber
Medium: Cream Cheese
Critic Quote: Notably absent, “Salami Gomez”.

Subject: Taylor Swift
Medium: Good ‘n’ Plenty
Critic Quote: “Sugary shell with evil inside. How fitting”

Subject: Kim Kardashian
Medium: Red Vines
Critic Quote: “I supposed the artist abandoned all hope of a full body piece after realizing the posterior alone would deplete the Earth’s licorice supply.”

Subject: Rosie O’Donnell
Medium: Snacks
Critic Quote: “If anyone could survive a world where oxygen had been replaced with Animal Crackers.”

Subject: Jerry Seinfeld
Medium: Cereal
Critic Quote: “What’s the deal with wasting perfectly good Froot Loops?”

Subject:  George Clooney
Medium:  Jelly Beans
Critic Quote: “It begs the question: What if he organized an elaborate heist to rob Willy Wonka’s factory?”

Subject: Barack Obama
Medium: Butter
Critic Quote: “Not until now, had art rendered me lactose intolerant.”

Subject: Justin Bieber
Medium: Meat
Critic Quote: ” A feat so mesmerizing, even a Vegan Bieber fan would eat it. Never say never.”

Subject: Barack Obama & Mitt Romney
Medium: Jack Links beef jerky
Critic Quote: “Perhaps some noble attempt to engage the elusive Ice Road Trucker, Pot-head, Honey Boo Boo voter demographic?”

Subject: Eminem
Medium: M&M’s
Critic Quote: How very meta.

Subject: Ryan Gosling
Medium: Pancake
Critic Quote: “For anyone who has ever fantasized about pouring hot maple syrup all over the ex Breaker High star.”

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