Pity the young. All year long they are subjected to the often maligned fashion whims of their respective parental units. To add plaid insult to polka dotted injury, Halloween proves to be the cherry on top of an already traumatic fashion sundae.

Here are some valid examples of why your kids, once fully grown, will plunk your adult diapered keister in a Seniors Home the first chance they get.

The Fall season is often notorious for the ill conceived blending of Halloween, Thanksgiving and good taste.

From Martha Stewart’s controversial “Cooking for Cannibals”.

 This costume is the best thing since, um.

None shall pass.

Documented proof of how peanut allergies begin in early childhood development.

Baby GaGa was relieved that unlike most Holidays, her Halloween outfit wasn’t made out of raw meats & velcro.

With only a few cushions, blankets & rope, MacGyver always came up with the best Halloween costumes.

But Dad, all the cool kids are going as Sriracha.

Mom, can I go as a deceased Southern gentleman known for pimping greasy breasts?

I put most of the blame for this one on “babies as assorted vegetables” photographer Anne Geddes. Bonus points for the mustache, making this the first Hipster Wrap documented.

When it comes time to send him to a child psychologist because of yearly Halloween costume trauma, ironically your Shrink will recommend Billy gets “The Works”.

Since the contents of this packaging has a shelf life of about 20 minutes, I can assure you, nobody wants that creme filling.

Even though his owners focus shifted dramatically, Fido welcomed the homes new addition with welcome paws.

Six degrees of emotional scarring.

Homemade costumes are just the coolest.

F for effort.

From the Stephen King inspired line of Kid Mascot costumes. You don’t want to see Grimace. Seriously.


Stay classy, parenting.


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