The timing of this review was pretty good, I had only recently watched the plantain episode of Iron Chef America and here was my own personal stash of plantain chips and other assorted goodies, I had plantains in the membrane.

My kids glommed on to the banana shaped stress ball and the post it notes pretty quickly and left me with the three varieties of chips I received. In my box I got the Sweet, Chili Lime and Lime varieties. I started off with the sweet, expecting that I would like it the least given my dislike of sweet foods in general. They were actually quite tasty. not overly sweet at all and they had really had a distinct plantain flavor to them. I am fond of plantains so that is a plus to me.

Oddly my kids both said they liked them but didn’t eat any more past the first. I moved on to the lime flavor next. I have fallen in love with the Tostitos hint of lime chips in the past couple years so I had high hopes for them. They had a pretty sharp citrusy flavor to them that I found tart but enjoyable. As I ate a few more I realized that they were missing something. Oddly enough it was the plantain flavor. The lime seasoning was good on its own but it overwhelmed the mild flavor of the plantains.

Last up on the list was the chili lime, the had all the citrus punch of the lime with a nice kick of heat from the chili. Again they masked the flavor of the plantains themselves which was a disappointment but the balance of citrus and heat was very well done.

I genuinely enjoy plantains so I would like to get my hands on the natural variety to see how they fare. All in all the sweet were the best representation of the plantain itself. the other vairieties were crispy and well seasoned but the more savory flavors were just too much for the delicate flavor of the plantain.

If you see them on the shelf, particularly the sweet I would give them a try for a bit of a variety.

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