It’s Monday again, meaning it’s time for another Eating Styles poll. This week’s topic: popsicles!

We’re in the thick of summer now, and nothing beats the summer heat like an icy-cold, fruity popsicle. This week’s question comes to us from user Keith: do you make your own popsicles at home or buy them from the store?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you make popsicles at home, you can customize flavors, but it’s more work. If you buy them from the store, it’s less work and you can obtain brand-specific flavors like the red, white and blue rocket ship popsicles. However, you don’t get the same sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

So which is it? Homemade or store bought? Vote for your favorite option below and explain your answer in the comments.

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2 Responses

  1. Mark

    I voted homemade because that is the only way I could possibly eat a popsicle. I have horrible horrible reactions to popsicle sticks touching my tongue. So bad that just thinking about it as a type this is making me gag a bit.

  2. Hannah

    store bought, but orange is the best followed by cherry. grape is the least favored (yet tolerated because: popsicles).


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