A little while ago, we asked you whether you use a ton of napkins or try to keep it to just one. This Thursday, we have another napkin-related poll: do you wipe your hands on your pants?


Now, I do not mean “Do you wipe your hands on your pants consistently and consciously?” but more “Do you sometimes wipe your hands on your pants without thinking about it?” Because people do this. It happens to everyone, not just five-year-olds.

There are a lot of conditions to hands-on-pants wiping, so you’ll have several options below. Feel free to explain in the comments, unless you’re too embarrassed. Then definitely explain in the comments.

[poll id=”364″]

[poll id=”365″]

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  1. Mark

    I don’t wipe food on my pants very often but have certainly done it. I use them all the time after washing my hands, which I’m sure just dirties my hands up again.


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