It’s Thursday, meaning it’s time for another Eating Styles poll. This week’s question: do you “drink” the chip dust at the bottom of the chip bag?

In other words, when you see this:

Do you do this…

…or this?

Vote for your favorite option below, and explain in the comments.

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7 Responses

  1. Mark

    yes, and sometimes I will dump them into the last bit of dip from a container and eat them with a spoon. French onion chip slurry is delicious.

  2. Sam

    Mark, that is true leftover chip dedication. I’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying french onion chip slurry, but I have been known to eat salsa with a spoon if the chips run out before the salsa’s gone.

  3. Geena Stepp

    drink them, who wouldn’t? That could make, like, 3 more chips! Why would you throw it away?

  4. Austin Stepp

    I guess I usually leave them. Decreasing marginal returns for my effort.

  5. Kayla

    Most of the time I “drink” them unless it’s a strongly flavored chip cause then there’s all that extra flavoring at the bottom too and it’s just too much. Will not make that mistake again after salt and vinegar chips.

  6. Teddy Izzo

    I concur with Geena. Plus it’s easier to eat then the chips themselves because they are already broken down.


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