Quick – which US states are the only ones not to sell booze on Sundays?

Utah? Nope.
North Dakota? Not even close.

How about Indiana and Connecticut being the two remaining islands of purity… but not for long.

You see, this past Tuesday, the Nutmeg State finally decided to give in, with Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy agreeing to sign a bill allowing alcohol sales on the long-taboo day of the week (long as in the 1650s).

I was pretty shocked to hear that Connecticut still subscribed to this blue law, especially considering the amount of New York heavies living the good life in Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, etc. Similarly, what about all the folks in Hartford still lamenting the loss of the Whale? Tough times indeed.

The reason for this change is pretty simple – and hard to believe it took this long to remedy – people have been traveling to New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to get their Sunday fix. They won’t have to make this pilgrimage much longer. As soon as the pen hits paper, Connecticuters will have the same liberties as most of the rest of us (sorry, Jimmy Chitwood), and be able to stock up on booze at the corner store any day of the week. That’s what America’s all about.

Or if you can’t wait – just find the local Indian casino, eh Bruins?

H/t to HuffPo for the scoop.

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4 Responses

  1. Eick

    We talking all alcohol, including beer? Or just liquor?

    In DC liquor stores are still closed on Sundays, they just re-affirmed that with a vote the other day.

  2. JT

    The ban will be lifted on all booze – beer, wine, and spirits.

    I’m not surprised by anything that happens in the District. You know what they say about taxation without representation…

  3. hampton

    As I so cruelly found out yesterday when searching for bourbon to make my mint juleps, North Carolina closes its state liquor stores on the day of the lord as well.

  4. JadeTora

    I’m originally from Australia but I live in Alabama right now. Alabama had this ban as well until fairly recently, it’s just retarded. Honestly I can’t believe people still enforce archaic single-minded and religiously motivated laws like this and not only that but enforce them on everyone regardless of religion or creed. So much for this country having separation of Church and State, huh?


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