*The spelling is a tribute to one of my favorite online personalities, the tall guy from Epic Meal Time, and the way he pronounces sauce.

If I’m being preemptive (and I don’t think I am), let me know, but I think we’re pretty much in grilling season now. At least, its grilling season those of us who refuse to battle the elements for the sake of a freshly-grilled hamburger or steak.

Sorry for the Applebees-ness of that picture. Mmmm…perfectly manicured grill lines.

The number one reason I love grilling season is the smell. For me, the actual eating can be riddled with controversy, especially if it’s steak, and there’s steak sauce around.

I’ve heard some people say that a perfectly done steak is the best thing you’ll ever taste. Such people would rather eat their fingers than eat a perfect steak dipped in A1 sauce. Others love A1 sauce so much they would eat their fingers, as long as they had A1 sauce on them. Now, I won’t tell you which camp I’m in for fear of losing my foodie license that I drew myself in Paint:

But I will say this: the controversy is heated, and this is your chance to speak out. Do you see putting steak sauce on a good steak (we’re not talking bad steaks here – then, anything goes) as the social and culinary equivalent of spitting on a birthday cake? Or are you a-okay with steak sauce? Vote below, and explain your choice in the comments.

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8 Responses

  1. Lexi B

    Best steak I ever had was Uncle Jacks in NY-didn’t neeeeeeed steak sauce but their in house sauce was crazy good. I like A-1 on everything…shots anyone?

  2. thomas

    I voted against steaksauce, but I certainly don’t consider it blasphemy. The key to this question is the fact that the steak is perfectly cooked. A perfect steak has no need for sauce, but many backyard cookouts produce steaks far from ideal and in that case breakout the A1 in all its glory.

  3. Mark

    On a good steak, absolute blasphemy. I’m fine with sauces on a good steak, I make compound butters for steak quite often. I also use my leftover London broil marinade to make a sauce for serving. But steak sauce out of a bottle on a good steak is a no-no

  4. Eick

    If I’m eating a really good steak, no sauce. But I LOVE A1 sauce. It’s the bomb. I have no issue with anyone putting it on any steak, good or bad.

  5. willrun4food

    The crucial factor here is that the steak in question is “perfectly” grilled, which I’m assuming also means the steak is above “Select” grade. If the steak is overcooked, or a cheap cut? Douse it, baby.

  6. Not-so-famous Dave

    I am an uber-carnivore and the 9 best steaks I have ever had were grilled by me(no bias there). 10th place goes to Frankie and Johnny’s ..will have to try Uncle Jacks. A-1 is ok, but would only use it as part of a marinade or an addition to the hamburger patties.


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