In case you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing the now very viral video of
Clueless” & “Batman & Robin” actress Alicia Silverstone, feeding her young son “Bear” premasticated food, well far be it from me to deprive you from this gem being added to that dark vault in the back of your mind containing  things that cannot be unseen.

So, that’s premastication or pre-chewing food. Something obviously seldom practiced at mainstream pre-schools or high chairs in North America. In case you covered your eyes for most of it, premastication is breaking down food in order to feed another who is unable of performing the act themselves. It can be delivered via hands, utensils or in Cher’s case here, sometimes directly mouth-to-mouth.

In many cultures, the act of direct mouth-to-mouth feeding is linked with the showing of affection, known as kiss feeding. It’s believed to have gradually evolved into the modern human acts of kissing.

So next time you see a Soccer Mom feeding her brood applesauce like they’re a nest of Robins, well move along, nothing to see here.

Needless to say that once Silverstone put this up on her site, it inevitably gathered lightning speed as the media has all but chewed it up and spit it down our waiting gullets with glee.

None more so than Jimmy Kimmel, who openly challenged his viewers to submit videos of their kids reaction to being served chewed up food AKA “Being Silverstoned!”. The resulting contributions were of course, Late Night gold.

I hope this video helps offset the previous one!


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