Bananas are great, but they’re also kind of boring. Don’t get me wrong – they look totally exciting. But if you’ve ever eaten a banana, chances are you were kind of bored by the end. That’s why America has come up with just about a million ways to eat bananas with stuff that’s not bananas.

Mmmmm….delicious. From liquifying them in smoothies to spreading them with peanut butter (my personal favorite) to cutting them up on waffles or pancakes, bananas can be eaten a variety of different ways. So once you’ve wiped the drool off your keyboard, go ahead and vote for your favorite banana-eating method below, and explain your choice in the comments.

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  1. Mark

    I don’t really like bananas in anything so I voted plain. I do have the occasional smoothie but bananas only show up if it is in my bag of frozen fruit.
    As a kid I liked a sandwich with peanut butter, bananas and a little honey. Not so much anymore.

  2. Sam

    Mark, I totally agree. Hate banana flavoring or mushed up bananas in a smoothie. I really don’t even like bananas themselves all that much, which is why I cover them up with peanut butter.

  3. Smile

    Can’t forget chocolate covered bananas! 😉

    Smoothie or sammich? Gosh, I don’t know which one to pick. I love to add a frozen banana to a smoothie, it really gives it a fantastic creamy texture. But you can never go wrong with a banana + nut/seed butter combination (alone or in a sandwich).

    For the sandwich, instead of just slicing the banana I sometimes like to make banana butter. Just smash a banana in a cup with a spoonful of sunbutter, add cinnamon and spread it on a piece of bread/toast.

  4. Smokin'

    Slather it with Better Than PB. Also great cut up on pancakes, but it’s a messy job. Next question should be – do you like ripe or green bananas? Totally different flavors.

  5. Smile

    @Smokin’: I know green bananas are supposed to be the ‘best’ for you because they’re higher in resistant starches and whatnot.. but I just can’t get over the after taste under ripe bananas leave.

    Personally, I like mine best when there’s more brown than yellow! Overripe bananas are love.

  6. Kayla

    Banana sandwiches!! These were my favorite breakfast growing up. Toast with butter and then half a sliced banana (cut length wise, not across) on it and obviously since its a sandwich another slice of toast with butter. Seriously so simple yet so good.


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