Ahoy Matey! Test Marketing off starboard (ok, the ATU campus in Fort Worth) as McDonald’s is currently testing a probable successor to their pop-able hit, Chicken McBites. Accompanied with tartar dipping sauce, the pricing looks to be in line with their poultry doppelgangers. We recently enjoyed Chick-Fil-A catering prices to feed the whole office for less than $5 per person and they had a lot to eat (like a mini buffet in the office).

Hit up our friends at GrubGrade for even more pics!

Bites size fish nuggets may sound like an odd choice to some but this concept is nothing new to those familiar with French cuisine.

Goujons are a dish of French origin, and normally refer to small strips of delicate white fish (sole,haddock), that are breaded and deep-fried.The standard practice for making a goujon is to dip fish in beaten egg before rolling it in bread crumbs that may contain various spices.

While Fish McBites are only in very limited roll out, they continue the trend of McDonald’s catering to an ever growing (pun intended) demographic of customers looking for quicker, more portable options for on the go. Since the Filet-o-fish has not seen a worthy successor since 1962, perhaps this new concepts time has come – or if consumer response is luke warm, Fish McBites may ultimately swim with the fishes.

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