Some people are awarded television shows to document their delicious travels and culinary journeys to exotic locales or highly regaled dining establishments much to the glee of Foodies and salivating everyday Joe’s alike.  Who wouldn’t sell their soul to the Devil for a chance to switch places with gastronomic globetrotters Andrew Zimmerman or Anthony Bourdain? Heck, I would offer up body parts or internal organs if it meant just becoming the Chairman on Iron Chef America. (Dude still gets to eat!)

Sadly, often the most exciting trek I make into the diverse world of food culminates in an idling car, moments away from receiving a greasy sack of preformed meat or if lucky, some type of fast food frozen treat named after a devastating weather event.

But we who are given lemons must rally to see these sour offerings through to their full potential. While I do get to dine out and enjoy “High Society” on occasion, I like most, must play minesweeper with what there is to offer in the mass consumer consumption market today.

Those who follow me on twitter know that I do so with a furious proficiency when it comes to Food. Ok, Ok, some have threatened restraining orders. But I just can’t seem to pass up an opportunity to tweet the light fantastic on just about anything edible. Food just seems to provide so much better fodder.

Jumping on the already over capacity, end of year review bandwagon, I’ve picked my top 10 tweets from 2011 for your enjoyment. Please forgive me for any spelling mistakes in these tweets. Sometimes it’s tough typing while juggling a Whopper, Onion Rings, drink  and an iPhone.

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