As any sports fan knows, based on the recent barrage of commercials during football games, sandwich chain Subway is now offering many of its 6-inch subs for $2. This limited-time offer replaces the previous price of $5, and has more than one person excited. The menu prices may vary.

However, from this chair, I am less inclined to celebrate. When something is too good to be true, it usually is. Except in this case, there is no mysterious explanation. In fact, it only reaffirms my belief.

Subway uses the cheapest meat imaginable. Cold cut combo? Gross. Meatball Marinara? Sick.

If you have ever given a close look at the lump of processed, salted, smushed animal parts that your sandwich artist puts on your roll, you know what I mean. There is a reason they promote their “fresh-baked bread” and their “healthy” options – because neither focuses on the meat.

Moreover, this price point should clarify the question you should be asking yourself, if you find yourself in a Subway this month, sucked into the deal-seeking vortex of a $2 sub: Do I seriously want to eat a sandwich that costs $2? Please reread that question. The answer? No – you most certainly do not – especially when there are a bevy of local sub shops doing it right, for a fair price.

Seriously, for $2, what kind of sandwich are you expecting? Quality ingredients? Please, you can’t even make a decent sandwich at home for that amount. Your instincts are telling you something here, so don’t ignore them. This is not a $2 mini-sub – this is the same thing they have been selling for years, except for much less. This is what they call a red flag.

My new slogan for the chain: Subway – Eat Somewhere Else.

Take that Apolo Ohno.

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  1. Katie

    Amen! We need to start educating ourselves and shifting our mindsets about what food should really cost. In eating your cheap sandwich, you are supporting a system of marginalized farm workers and the production of meats that can barely be considered meats. Gross.

  2. Julien

    It’s not even as amazing of a deal as they make it out to be. The $2 subs choices are very limited, with only two sandwiches available, and they are 6-inch subs, which usually sell for about $3.

  3. Obbop

    Seldom buy store-bought sandwiches for various reasons.

    But, two bucks per with the opportunity to sit inside a Subway inside the local Wally-Mart with a clientele consisting mostly of what are, factually, low socio-economic hillbillies who gape at an eater who actually takes peeks at the local newspaper splayed in front of him while eatin’ hisn’ vittles and is not ashamed to show it, well…. after reading part of the paper I fold and save it for later and observe the slack-jowled lovers of their ignorance and are too lazy to even assure that the words used on their typical multiple easily-seen tattoos are spelled correctly.

    Anyway, with a horde of sub-humans to observe and two sandwiches to eat I lingered; eating slowly and attempting to savor the sandwiches.


    Had the critters heated up then various veggies added to make the critter a wee bit healthier.

    Filling but not satisfying.

    Needed more meat and cheese and the meat quality was not that great and I was unable to discern any taste of cheese.

    Asked for the whole-wheat roll for carb reasons and the bread-type has never been a critical component for me regarding taste.

    Not going back for more.

    In the Old Coot’s opinion a buck burger at one of the fast-food joints is a better deal than Subway’s 2-buck sandwich. Even with the side-show of human vermin passing by to add their disgusting presence to that of the sandwich, y’all

  4. Eick

    Having worked at a Subway for several years as a kid, I can say that freshness is indeed a quality they posses. We would get fresh vegetables delivered every morning, and as you can see, the bread is baked fresh in store each day. Sadly this quality does not extend to the meat, which is, in pretty much all cases, heavily processed and in some generic vacum sealed packages. This ain’t your local or grocery store deli where they slice fresh roasted turkey.

    I admit I do find the meatball sub fairly tasty – though I usually go for the chicken breast, which is an actual piece of meat.

    The meat in a Cold Cut Combo is the most disgusting collection of processed garbage ever. I mean ham that is turkey based? Yes, you read that right, TURKEY based HAM.

  5. Cynthia

    I so agree that this month’s marketing ploy fell way below the mark. The cold cut combo is the worst sandwhich they make, and you really don’t know what’s in those meatballs, do you? I’m pretty cheap, but even I would rather pay more for a real sandwhich.

  6. Peter

    I haven’t been to Subway in a couple of years and I don’t plan to go back. Their footlong is basically a loaf of bread with a thin layer of flavorless meat inside. I don’t know if the meat quality at Jimmy John’s is any better, but the taste definitely is.


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