That’s what Domino’s is alleging, with the release of a new commercial from Crispin, Porter & Bogusky touting that their four new oven baked sandwiches beat Subway in a taste test “two-to-one.”  The ad goes on to show humorous comparisons of just how big a “two-to-one” margin is:

Domino’s CEO David Brandon didn’t mince any words with his statement about the new commercial, expressing supreme confidence in their product:

“We knew we would win in any side-by-side comparison, but the margin of victory was overwhelming even to us. Having two-thirds of a national study prefer your product over the leader is virtually unheard of — until now.”

Zing. Take that Subway.  However, as BrandFreak notes, Subway isn’t exactly considered by consumers to be a franchise with poor tasting food:

“According to a recent BrandIndex survey of 5,000 consumers, on a scale of -100 to 100, Subway food received an overall score of 55.1, while Domino’s pulled in a -8.3.”

Another issue to be considered is Subway has a near lock on the claims of healthy food when it comes to the top chains, touting a popular Subway secret menu of low-fat subs. The four subs Domino’s is offering so far? Philly cheese steak, chicken parm, Italian and chicken bacon ranch. That’s not exactly a lineup of healthy options. It makes sense that when purely taste is considered, subs that don’t worry about their fat content are more likely to win out.

Will Subway strike back? Or merely sit on their lead as the dominant sandwich chain and dismiss Domino’s as any sort of serious threat to their sales?

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  1. Zenne

    Sub commercials that compare themselves to other sub places have always annoyed me. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages.

    Kind of like the older Quizno’s commercials about who had more meat…sure Quizno’s had more meat…you PAID more for it too. Spending the equivalent amount of money at Subway got you as much or more than Quizno’s.

    There’s also the healthy thing, like you mentioned. After receiving the greasiest pizzas I’d ever seen from Domino’s on more than one occasion, I don’t think I’d trust even their nutritional info on the website.

    …I still want to try the chicken-bacon ranch, though!

  2. Mary

    The one time I tried a Domino’s sandwich, it had so little filling that a mouse would be left peckish and the flavor was not worth trying it again, though I did call the manager to get my money back.

  3. Cary

    No. No way in hell did this taste-test actually occur with those results.

    Subway is fine, but screw that. Domino’s subs look like cartoon sandwiches. If not for the melted cheese, it would never work.

  4. rere

    i cant believe that domino’s would even go to that length to make a commercial about subway so direct, but yet it cant go against its rightful competitors directly. and mary adam u guys are right domino’s sandwich has no savoring taste to it. so please domino’s stop with the commericals already!

  5. Vinny

    I love the Dominos chicken back ranch sandwich. I get one for lunch at least twice a week. I hardly ever go to Subway now.

  6. micky

    domino’s sandwiches in my opinion do taste better. however, they are smaller than the footlongs offered at subway. in that respect, atleast in my case, it depends how hungry you are.

  7. Anthony

    Subway is better. Yes, Dominos tastes better, but that’s because it has a million more calories… I’d have to have 2 of them to fill me up, maybe more, while at Subway, I get the Oven Roasted Chicken Breast with JUST provolone cheese and no other things… and it fills me up.


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